Southern Cross Funeral Directors believe in remembering a life lived, a life lost and a life never forgotten.

As mortality is not often discussed in general conversation, when a family loose a loved one there a various decisions that need to be taken into consideration. Such as what do we think they would have wanted.

Below we have outlined common questions that we are asked by family members  during the arranging process or over the phone in regards to cremations:

  • At Southern Cross, we have a fully automated system, regarding capturing the information of your loved one. We are proud to provide the extra service of sending a consultant to complete all arrangements at your home, saving the added burden of organising for family members to meet at one of our offices.
  • The Laws governing cremation are very complex. Our consultants complete all the legal requirements, gather the information and lodge the required documentation on your behalf to Births Deaths and Marriages as well as the Cemetery/Crematoria.
  • It is also our job to ensure that the service runs smoothly and book all relevant timeslots with places of worship, Crematoriums and Wake facilities.
  • We pride ourselves on the fact that we are with you every step of the funeral process.

  • No, The reason being, for a Burial, a grave needs to be purchased, depending on which cemetery and which section within the Cemetery a grave can cost many thousands of dollars.
  • In the event that the family already own a grave, there is an opening fee that is charged also and this will often cost more than what the cremation fee would.

  • No, In regards to the way the service is carried out, our arranging consultant will assist in finding your family the best Celebrant or Clergy available in the event you don’t have one. Once a decision has been made, then you usually meet with them in person to discuss the finer details of the service.
  • In some cases families do not require a service at all, again speak to one of our consultants and we can organise for the Cremation to take place, and obtain the ashes for family to pick up at later date from one of our offices. Or alternatively we can deliver them to your home.

  • Yes, that is correct. All current Christian religions allow cremations including the Catholic Church, Hindu, Buddhists and Sikhs. However within the Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim faiths Cremation is not allowed.

  • Yes. N.S.W law states that all deceased persons must be placed in a Coffin.

  • Yes the Coffin is always cremated with the deceased.

  • Usually the Cremation takes place within a couple of hours after the service has concluded. However if a service is held late in the afternoon the Crematorium reserves the right to cremate the following day.

  • Each Cremator is designed to take one coffin at a time, they have a filtration systems that clears the cremator after each cremation.
  • Each funeral service is allotted a code from the Crematorium. This code follows through the whole cremation process ensuring that ashes are not mixed up or go astray.

  • Usually within 21 days of the service, the Crematorium will write to the Next Of Kin and mail an information pack explaining the options available to the family in regards to the placement or picking up of the ashes.
  • In the event Southern Cross handle the Cremation with a no service Cremation, we will contact the Next Of Kin once the cremation is complete, usually within 7 days of the Cremation taking place.

  • The time between the date of death and funeral varies. Often families believe that there is limited time, however a family have up to 10 days in which to hold a service. Usually we recommend between 3 to 5 days.

Loosing a loved one is never easy. In the event you have an enquiry that has not been answered here, please contact via email or telephone and we will assist you any way we can.