Traditionally, burials have been the more popular choice when saying goodbye to a loved one. Burials can be dated back to over 100,000 years ago. Traditionally the Burial rite has been seen as a way that family can say goodbye to a person who has been loved.

Methods of burial vary from culture to culture, at Southern Cross we understand, and work with all cultures and religious denominations to ensure that the service is carried out exactly as required.

Since the Catholic Church approved cremations in 1963 the amount of burials in Australia has declined. However the faithful may still opt to be buried.

In the event you loose a loved one who has requested to be buried there are often many questions that families have. Below we outline a guide that may assist.

Choose your Cemetery and burial site.

  • Usually, families already have loved ones interred in a particular Cemetery. If this is the case, contact that Cemetery and organise an appointment to see them.
  • By making the appointment, this gives the Cemetery a chance to showcase to your family the different areas that they have available that may suit your needs, or in the case where the family already owns a site check to ensure that the grave can be reopened.
  • In the event that there are no family buried in a particular cemetery, usually the nearest geographical Cemetery is chosen. Southern Cross have strong relationships with all of the Cemeteries we deal with.
  • If you already have a burial site, or one has been chosen this is when the Funeral arrangements can be made. Southern Cross is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week to answer your enquiries.

There are various ways to celebrate the life of a loved one who is being buried, below we have outlined the requirements for a burial, and what services we offer when a family are looking at having a loved one buried.

1. Graveside service.

– A graveside service is where the service is carried out beside the burial site. If this option is chosen, in most cases we meet at the cemetery office to obtain clearance to attend the grave, once this is granted the cortege proceed directly to the Grave where usually a small service is held

2. Chapel to Graveside

– A Chapel to site service is where a service is held within the Chapel’s of the Cemetery, Once complete, the cortege proceed to the graveside for interment

3. Place of Worship to Graveside

– The Service will take place at a place of worship such as a church. From there the cortege will proceed to the Cemetery for interment.

Whatever your preferred choice is, our staff will work with you to ensure that all your needs are catered for.

We have also taken the liberty to outline frequently asked questions in regards to burials.

  • At Southern Cross, we have a fully automated system, regarding capturing the information of your loved one. We are proud to provide the extra service of sending a consultant to complete all arrangements at your home, saving the added burden of organising for family members to meet at one of our offices.
  • The Laws governing Burial lie with the Next of Kin and the Grantee (Owner of the grave). Our consultants complete all the legal requirements, gather the information and lodge the required documentation on your behalf to Births Deaths and Marriages as well as the Cemetery/Crematoria.
  • It is also our job to ensure that the service runs smoothly and book all relevant timeslots with places of worship, Crematoriums and Wake facilities.
  • We pride ourselves on the fact that we are with you every step of the funeral process.

  • Yes, The reason being, for a Burial, a grave needs to be purchased, depending on which cemetery and which section within the Cemetery a grave can cost many thousands of dollars.
  • In the event that the family already own a grave, there is an opening fee that is charged also and this will often cost more than what the cremation fee would.

  • No, In regards to the way the service is carried out, our arranging consultant will assist in finding your family the best Celebrant or Clergy available in the event you don’t have one. Once a decision has been made, then you usually meet with them in person to discuss the finer details of the service.
  • There are options, such as a graveside service, where we attend directly at the grave, or a dual Service, from a church or hall to the graveside, or a Chapel to site service, From the Chapel within the Cemetery to the Graveside.

  • Yes. N.S.W law states that all deceased persons must be placed in a Coffin, however some religions are allowed to place a deceased in the grave without a coffin. But when the deceased is transported they must be in a coffin. In cases such as these Southern Cross will dispose of the unwanted coffin of the families behalf.

  • Yes, As long at the Cemetery agree, there will be a cost involved, however this is becoming a popular choice.
  • As long as the Grantee (Owner of the Grave) gives permission also.

  • The time between the date of death and funeral varies. Often families believe that there is limited time, however a family have up to 10 days in which to hold a service. Usually we recommend between 3 to 5 days.

We conduct burial services in all parts of the Sydney metropolitan area and Western Sydney as well as the South Coast and Central Coast.

As mentioned earlier, the above is a guide for families, please, if we have not covered a specific item that you require information on, please contact us and we will assist any way we can.